Why You Should Use PappelCan:

  • Sustainable

    ✓ No plastic

    ✓ No aluminium

    ✓ 100 % Compostable

  • Simple

    ✓ Fast integration

    ✓ Runs on existing filling lines

    ✓ Production fits into a 40-foot container next to your plant

  • Efficient

    ✓ Less transportation

    ✓ Less storage space

    ✓ Fewer employees needed

The Challenge We Solve:

When I was in India, invited to my Indian friend’s wedding with about 3,000 people – if you haven’t been to one, do it, because it’s magical – to a super remote area, my friend told me to drink out of unopened plastic bottles only, due to hygienic reasons. And imagine how many 0.25l bottles you would need for 3,000 people, 45 degrees outside temperature, tons of food and a wedding that lasts for 17 hours. I actually lost track counting them all and trash buckets were overflowing.

At some point I noticed two Indian women next to the nearest river carrying trash buckets on their heads. I wondered what they were about to do, since at that point I had no clue what I was about to witness. They actually threw the whole buckets full of little plastic bottles into the river. Frankly, I am not able to describe in words, how shocked I was.

So, is there an eco-friendly, zero-waste alternative for beverage packaging? No, actually there is not!

And this is why we created PappelCan!

Let's Go Green!